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Better households for elderly people

10 April / 2013
  geriatrics  |  siforage

The research team of SIforAGE's partner Pau Droit Public, together with the Conseil General des Landes, has contributed to anaylse the rights of the aged and dependant people by means of a consortium for the modernization of home services. This works will serve at complementing the tasks of the Observatoire français de l’aide à domicile. The Observatoire aims to implement, at the local level, valuable tools aimed at favoring the development of home services with a higher quality for aged people with cognitive troubles. Researchers’ team performed as a methodological expert for the creation of the Observatoire’s activities. In addition, they contribute to the writting of a semi-annual newsletter in collaboration with the observatoires’s partners. The 3rd newsletter was published in March 2013 with a focus on “home services as fundamental support to the local employment” (document enclosed). The 1st newsletter (document enclosed) was dedicated to the dissemination of the first quantitative results and the 2nd one (document enclosed) to a territorial diagnosis.

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