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Lisbon University Institute publishes a co-authored research paper

28 September / 2016
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In a joint publication called "Social Psychology & Gerontology: integrating theory to explain and intervene in age discrimination towards older people in Europe", Sibila Marques, SIforAGE partner from Lisbon Univeristy Institute, Christin-MelanieVauclair, Hannah J Swift, Christopher Bratt, Maria Luísa Lima, & Dominic Abrams, discuss how integrating Social Psychology with Gerontology theorizing may contribute to the design of proper research and interventions dealing with this pressing social issue. 

As the abstract explains: "we present two case studies based on our findings from the “Experiences and expressions of ageism” module of the European Social Survey. Case 1 shows how the perception of age discrimination by older people mediates and helps to explain the effects of wealth inequality on older people’s subjective health. Case 2 presents compelling evidence showing that, among older people, identifying with being an older person is associated with poor health outcomes, especially in countries where older people’s status is lower. These findings are discussed in light of their implications for theory and practical intervention in this domain."

More information can be found in the following link:   

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SIforAGE partner Lisbon University Institute has published a new study

26 September / 2016
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SIforAGE partner Lisbon University Institute has published a new article on the Journal of Intergenerational Relations las august. The authors, Joana Mendonça, João Mariano, and Sibila Marques explain the study developed: a Lisbon street campaign against ageism. 

Briefly, the main aim of this new brand campaign called "increasing the positive image of older people" was to deconstructing negative steriotypes of ageing. Ageism is the terms used to describe discrimination based on age, this is, discrimination towards older people based merely on their age. Another partner of SIforAGE, Santa Casa da Misericordia, took part in the campaign. 

With the aim to create a society for all ages, this public campaign took place in Lisbon. Its message was to raise awareness on that reality and change people's attitudes and image towards older persons.  The campaign echoed similar activities held in UK and Ireland.   

The posters were design by the Higher School of Communication and Media Studies. The main messages were: "Age changes. Not the fun." "Age changes. Not the talent." "Age changes. Not the affection."

The campaign received generally positive comments through the social networks, from individuals of different ages and occupations, from researchers to professional care givers. 

The full article is available at the publications section of this website.  

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New Book Publication by Lleida University (UdL) on Literary Creativity on the Older Woman Writer

26 September / 2016
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SIforAGE partner group Dedal-Lit, from University of Lleida (UdL) has recently edited a book on literary creativity with a focus on the older women writer. The book is edited by: Núria Casado Gual, Emma Domínguez Rué and Brian Worsfold and published by Bern: Peter Lang, 2016. 

Briefly, the book explores how literary studies and their associated critical theories offer a refreshing viewpoint from which humanist-oriented studies of ageing may be re-conceptualized, and an integrated view of ageing and gender can be developed. This volume builds on the work of seminal authors in the field of literary gerontology, while it also elaborates on important theories that age-critics have developed in the broader field of cultural gerontology, to present the experience of ageing, and old age in particular, as a creative phase of the life course that completes the older person's identity and, specifically, that of the older woman.

As a contrast to stereotypical views of ageing women that are still sustained in both gerontological and social domains, the essays in this collection focus on the works of eleven women writers whose careers were or have been prolonged into their old age, and whose later literary creativity reveals fascinating aspects about both the complex, contradictory, and enriching experience of growing older, and especially of doing so as an artist and as a woman. 

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“A full life” lands in Lleida

21 September / 2016
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The photography exhibition “A full life” by photographer Ana Portnoy continues its tour. After being exhibited for the first time in the Espai “LaCaixa” Sagrada Família, and after that in Donostia until the 15th of September, past Monday 19th of September it was inaugurated at the University of Lleida.

The event counted on the participation of Ander Errasti (project manager of the SIforAGE Project), Nuria Casado (head researcher of Group Dedal-Lit at the UdL, and member of SIforAGE), Joan Biscarri (vice rector of cultural activities and university projection), and the author herself Ana Portnoy. The opening act gathered dozens of attendants who were interested on the exhibition, the Project and/or the SIforAGE International Conference 2016.

“A full life” continues its path and will be at the University of Lleida until the 7th of October, just in time to be at the University of Barcelona on the 10th of October to welcome the Conference Day 1 and Day 2 which will take place there on the 19th and 20th of October. For now, as the last programmed exhibition, it will be in the Cultural Center CaixaForum during the End-of-Project Symposium on the 21st of October.

Do not miss the chance to visit this unprecedented and unique exhibition which perfectly transmits the reality of Active and Healthy Ageing. You can watch below a glimpse of what happened during the inauguration. 

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SIforAGE about to release its third and final spot

15 September / 2016
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The SIforAGE International Conference 2016 is approaching and with it the end of the Project. That is why next 25th of September, SIforAGE will release its third and final spot, which aims at showing the journey of SIforAGE during those last 4 years of development, and how it will culminate with the SIforAGE International Conference 2016 during the 19th, 20th and 21st of October in Barcelona.

This last promotional short will serve for the audience to see what has been done until now, and what do the members of the Project expect for the future. This multimedia content will be part of the next wave of dissemination related to the SIforAGE International Conference 2016, aimed at the audience which already knows the Project, as well as to new interested people who wants to know more.

With the slogan “Working for a better tomorrow starting today”, the spot will be uploaded to the Project’s YouTube channel and disseminated through the social networks and the two official websites of SIforAGE and the SIforAGE International Conference 2016. 

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