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Social Innovation Research Prize 2014 winners announced

23 June / 2015
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The Social Innovation Reasearch Prize (or SIforAGE Prize) 2014 winners have been announced. This prize aims to give recognition to projects that undertake research into social innovation in active and healthy ageing and that make significant contributions to ager communities, their families, and caregivers in order to promote an inclusive society. The three research projects proposals which have won are the Crowdmapping Mirafiori Sud project, the Active aging and intergenerational solidarity: an example in the University context project and the Enred@te project.

The Crowdmapping Mirafiori Sud project consists in mapping physical, visual and cultural barriers which prevent the most vulnerable inhabitants (most of all, the older people) from enjoying the use of public spaces, by activating a participatory process within Mirafiori Sud district in Turin. The project is led by a team of the CRD-PVS Research Centre and the Department Architecture and Design at the Politecnico di Torino (Italy), in collaboration with Mirafiori Sud Administrative District, Comunità di Mirafiori Foundation and City of Turin.

The Active aging and intergenerational solidarity: an example in the University context project aims at impulsing the active ageing from social education to offer the possibility to the older people to adopt an active and dynamic role in their community and to offer the university students of Social Educators a place to develop and implement their knowledge, aptitudes and abilities to work with older people. This project has been presented by the University School of Education of the University of Murcia, the Institute of Social Action from Murcia (IMAS) and the Professional College of Social Educators of the Region of Murcia.

Finally, the Enred@te initiative, devised by Red Cross, Vodafone Foundation, and TECSOS Foundation, defines an open and accessible digital social network for older people to meet others, communicate and stay informed through different contents of interest.  In this network seniors and volunteers of Spanish Red Cross interact to strengthen usual relationships in the context of care and support. The network is accessible through Tablet devices and PCs.

This three winning projects will be thoroughly presented during the SIforAGE Final Conference.